Donna Swain Mixed Media paintings
Experimental and expressionist art in collage, acrylic,mixed media, ink, and oils

Donna M. Swain

Donna M. Swain was born in Chilliwack B.C. and spent her early years in the Okanagan Valley before moving to Vancouver in her early twenties. Her earliest explorations began with a fascination in drawing images, which evolved into creating illusions in form, colour, texture and design. 


To enhance the translation of her visions, Donna continued her art education through courses at U. B. C., Langara College and the Fine Arts Program at Okanagan University College. She currently paints with her choice of mixed media, utilizing acrylic, charcoal, conte, pastels, collage papers, and sometimes oil to enhance the visual stimulation.  Her painting process is to see and feel the subject matter, exploring and studying its form, which then translates to sensing of marks and lines, departing from reality and moving forward to an expression of the essence. Her strong sense of design is evident in the collaboration and integration of spatial relationships, form and colour.  Each painting surface reveals its’ history of the search for the expression she feels needs identifying.



  • Canadian Federation of Artists Gallery,   Granville Island, Van. B.C. (Ten juried shows with several Awards of Excellence, and cash awards, 5 years to date)
  • Victoria Summer Arts festival, July and August 2003
  • Northwest Watercolour Society,  Wa. USA (Juried Selection) Waterworks 2003
  • Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island Summer 2003
  • Preview Magazine, Spring and Summer issues (expressive ink figures used to promote FCA foundation programs) 2004
  • Pthalo Gallery, Homer St. Van. B.C. Sept/04 Selected works Korean – Canadian show. 2004
  • South Delta Art Gallery,   5th Dimension, Group Show March 2005
  • Arts Council of Surrey “Arts 2005” (Juried ,1st prize Award)
  • South Delta Art Gallery   “Oil and Water” (Juried, Award)
  • Art Avenues Magazine, featured in several issues of the last 8 years
  • Steveston Village Gallery, Steveston, B.C.
  • Gallery 88, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Moncton Gallery, Steveston, BC 
  • La Cabana November Show 2008
  • Vernon Public Art Gallery, "Small Matters Show" Dec. 2009
  • Gibsons Public Art Gallery Jan. 2009
  • Nadine's Fine Art Gallery Vernon (current work)
  • The Landing Gallery  436 Marine Dr. Gibsons, BC (current work)
  • Suzanne Johnston Gallery, Whistler BC (current work)
  • Doris Crowston Gallery "Friends of the Gallery Show" Jan. 2010

Artist’s Statement:

My painting process is to see and feel the subject matter, exploring and studying its form, sensing of marks and lines, departing from reality and reducing to the essence.  My inspiration comes from looking at everyday surroundings from a different viewpoint. I consider all the information and pay attention to what speaks to me and desires to be expressed. Translating everyday visions, and creating new stories of visual images through mixed media excites me. My objective is to allow a viewer an opportunity to engage and connect through this choice of mixed media painting expression.